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Persevering Through The Pandemic

On March the 17th 2020, KYBB had to cancel their in person rehearsal due to COVID-19. At that point, we never could have known that the pandemic would stretch on for over a year, cancelling any plans for a tenth anniversary celebration, and putting any hopes of a tenth anniversary tour to Norway firmly out of reach. 

BUT! Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Musical Director Mark Harrison, KYBB switched over to online rehearsals via Facebook Live, and later via Zoom too, straight away. 

We've just passed a year of online activity, with over 100 online music sessions.

66 Facebook Live Playalongs

12 Zoom Rehearsals

22 Theory Sessions


94 New Likes

15 New Pieces

Although we can't wait to get back to real live rehearsals, our huge thanks and congratulations go to Mark for keeping the music going all through the pandemic. Thank you Mark!

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