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What a Year!
Summer Celebration Concert 2022

The 19th of July 2022 wasn't just the hottest day in UK history (so far), but it was also the day we decided to hold our end of year celebration concert! Whilst we can debate the wisdom of holding it on such a warm evening, there is no arguing with the fact that it was a fabulous evening, and a fitting way to end such a fantastic year. 

Our training band kicked off the evening with a plethora of soloists, performing to a simply packed church!

DSC_8589 - (41).jpg
DSC_8625 - (46).jpg

Huge congratulations go to Annie, Ember, Mabel, Kensi, Tilly, Lily, Kaleigh, Amelia, Summer, Charlotte, Emily, and Darcy for their wonderful solos!

After a much needed refreshment break, the main band took over for the second half, ably led by Assistant MD Ethan McKnight. 

The main band opened with The Paladin, the march written especially for us by Karl Whelan, and followed with his beautiful arrangement of the hymn tune Rockingham. Then the band featured trombonist Dan Regan, playing Don Lusher's Concert Variations.

DSC_8687 - (76).jpg
DSC_8636 - (50).jpg

Picking things up, the band played two pop songs, Rolling in the Deep by Adele and Crocodile Rock by Elton John. There was a short break before the final piece of the evening to wish Treasurer and Solo Cornet player Claire Sanderson all the best for her upcoming wedding this August. The band then closed the academic year with Megalovania, featuring Dan Regan and Gabriella Campion.

All the photos from the concert are below for you to enjoy and we can't wait to see you all in September!

Words by Rhiannon Harrison.

Photos by Neil Brunsden.

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