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Virtual Awards Night 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic meant that KYBB couldn't have their usual Awards Night in July this year, so the band all voted to postpone it until we could meet in person.

However, it ended up being that we couldn't actually meet in person right up to the end of the year! So rather than not give out awards at all for 2020, we made full use of our Zoom Pro subscription, and had a virtual awards night! 

We were joined by Mayor Linda Thomas and played through some pieces, gave out our awards, and even had a little Christmas Quiz to keep some of the party atmosphere going.

Congratulations to all the 2020 award winners!

  • Reemer Bailey Award - Nellie

  • The Tonge Trophy - Aiden

  • The Bolton at Home Award - Gabriella

  • KYBB Most Promising Player - Connie

  • Jack Peers Trophy - Brydon

  • KYBB Chairman's Shield - Sam

  • The Higginbottom Family Award - Calum & Rosemary

  • Musical Director's Award for Most Improved Adult - Wendy

  • The Linda Kearney Memorial Trophy - Kathie & Neil Brunsden

  • The Harrison Prize - The Roe-Mortons

  • The Shirley Holmes Memorial Trophy - Charlotte

Awards Night 2020.jpg
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