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Brass at the Seaside 2018

Sunday 15th July 2018 had the band travel a little further afield than the norm. We shared the stage at Ashton Gardens, St. Ann's with Astley Unlimited and Astley Youth Band, for an afternoon of entertainment as part of the Brass at the Seaside Festival. The Stage, which should have been immediately in front of the beautiful 'Figure of Peace' war memorial was hastily moved 50 yards to be under the shade of a large well placed tree. The Sun beat down unrelentingly for the whole day with not a cloud in the sky.

DSC_1140 - (44).jpg
DSC_1142 - (46).jpg

A number of our players also play for Astley so you may notice in the photos a bit of T-Shirt swapping going on, and indeed the occasional red shirt amongst the purple where we 'borrowed' players to fill a couple of gaps. A big thank you to 'the deps' for standing in.

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