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European Brass Band Festival Trip 2022

On Sunday the 1st of May, KYBB travelled down to Birmingham to play outside the European Brass Band Festival on Centenary Square. It was a wonderful day, with staff from Brass Bands England complimenting the music choices and all our young people playing brilliantly!
The European Brass Band Festival was taking place inside Symphony Hall, featuring the greatest brass bands from across Europe and the UK, and it was an honour to be involved as a part of the festival.
From a photographers point of view it's a pity we had that horrible white overcast - why couldn't one of Birmingham's favourite musical sons (Jeff Lynne) have not organised a bit of 'blue sky' for us?

DSC_1140 - (44).jpg
DSC_1142 - (46).jpg

Talking of Birmingham's favourite musical sons it seems some of them have also managed to make one of our parents very happy indeed!
For the group photograph, how many times did I say "Aaron, you're hiding"? Seems he's very good at it and managed to disguise himself as a very large bump on Reece's head - looks painful!!
As always, all the photos from the day are below for you to enjoy!

Words by Neil Brunsden and Rhiannon Harrison.
Photos by Neil Brunsden and Stephen Leach.

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