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Kearsley Scarecrow Festival 2019

On the morning of 22nd September 2019 this photographer was awakened by the sound of torrential rain and thunder; this didn't bode well for the band's tour of the community being done a bit later. However, by 12 o'clock when we all met at Kearsley Mount Methodist Church the sky was just dark grey, but fortunately nothing was falling out of it. We played a short set in front of The Mayor and Consort at the award ceremony for the winners of the Scarecrow Festival.

DSC_1140 - (44).jpg
DSC_1142 - (46).jpg

We repeated this set at The Unity Brook, The Moss Rose, The Grapes, Holt's Riverside Chippy, The Market Street Tavern and The Horseshoe. The weather seemed to have put off a lot of people as by previous years' standards the streets were fairly quiet, but I have to say we were quite lucky as it really only started raining again just as we were setting up at our last stop where we played huddled under a tree for cover.

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