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It's not just a Christmas advert, it's an M&S Christmas advert!

Kearsley Youth Brass Band are delighted to be represented in this year’s M&S Home & Clothing Christmas advert, in partnership with Neighbourly.
Neighbourly is a giving platform, which helps businesses connect and make a positive impact in their community, and this year they have partnered with Marks & Spencer so that your Christmas shopping benefits good causes in the UK.
At the end of August, secretary Rhiannon Harrison saw the call-out from Neighbourly to tell them about a great cause to be featured in a Christmas advert, and got in touch to let them know all about the wonderful Kearsley Youth Brass Band. Shortly afterwards, a whirlwind commenced as ET Casting got in touch – they wanted to have Kearsley Youth Brass Band represented in the advert, but there was still no indication as to who exactly this advert was for…

DSC_1140 - (44).jpg
DSC_1142 - (46).jpg

Casting chose a small number of people to represent the band, and as the first order of business they sent out several non-disclosure agreements. At the top of those NDA’s was a small line, showing the agreement was between the KYBB representatives and… Marks and Spencer!
Following a very busy two weeks full of child licensing, musical arrangements and contract signing, our wonderful representative Catherine Roe (Baritone), Connie Roe-Morton (Tuba), Nellie Roe-Morton (Euphonium), Tilly Royse (Tenor Horn), Mabel Roe-Palmer (Cornet) and David Chew (Cornet) travelled down to London for a very soggy few days of filming!
Working alongside a range of actors and other excellent charitable causes, Catherine Roe has said “the community spirit of all involved made us feel incredibly connected and really encompasses the gift of giving”.
It has been so hard to keep this under wraps, especially when the representatives were invited down to London this week for the official premiere screening at Regent Street Cinema. It was an evening full of glitz and glamour, and a true “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, so thank you to Marks & Spencer for including our representatives in this incredible venture.
The final advert is now being rolled out across the nation, so keep your eyes peeled this festive period for a splash of the “Kearsley purple” on your television screens!

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